Selling Magazines With Good Magazine Covers

Magazine covers sometime tell the whole story with just a picture or a 2 or three word headline. Sometimes that is all that is necessary to see and read to understand the story. Magazine covers are the calling cards as they are lined up at the newsstand. The catchiest, the most attractive and the most creative magazine covers are the ones that will be picked first, especially for those looking for something to read on the commute to or from work.

Magazine covers have but a split second to appeal to the potential reader. Graphic specialists and marketing agents are always looking for that one defining feature that will give their magazine covers the edge Customs Plat . It is that one element that has near universal appeal that will attract a reader and not repel them. Finding the right element for magazine covers is a delicate balancing act between what will attract and what will offend. Some magazine covers will always offend a small percentage of readers and that is taken into account when designing the covers. A cover that offends the vast majority, and not just the vast majority of its readership, will spell doom for that issue, and if it is a practice repeated often enough, it will spell doom for the magazine altogether. The reverse is true of magazine covers also. If they are plain and uninformative, potential readers will not even see them. They will become invisible and become the bulk of material for the local paper drive or recycling collection. No matter how inspiring the content of a magazine might be, it will not be worth the paper it is printed on if the cover does not sell the magazine.

Of all the elements of a magazine, the cover is where a majority of the time and talent is spent The Atman Group . Magazines covers have to have just the right mix of graphics and text to attract a reader. The text should contain the buzz word of the day, that is not overused, and a view of a picture that has not already been in every publication already, especially if the magazine is anything but a daily. Once most people have seen a picture, they have seen enough. The same goes for text. If the headline is the same thing they have already read in another publication, they will move on to the next magazine that has a different spin on the story or a new and different story altogether.

One crucial no no of magazine cover design is to use the word “exclusive.” Unless it is something exclusive to the cover designer and has been preserved in an unopened mayonnaise jar, chances of it really being exclusive are pretty much nil 宝くじ 購入代行 . The world can not keep a secret especially if it has an inkling of gossip attached to it and most “exclusives” do. The “exclusive” story will be a non exclusive item before the magazine hits the stand and the magazine will look like it is behind the times and is recycling information.

Another no no for magazine covers is to ask a question. The potential reader will most likely read the question and answer it right away. The question may suggest there is no answer contained in the magazine, so it is left for the readers to answer it. Once the question has been answered, there is no need to read the magazine any further, so a potential reader just moves along to another magazine. A question asked on the cover is equivalent to lost readers.

There are many different mens magazine types in Canada. Magazines for men who have different issues they want help with; causes and concerns they want to share with others and even magazines for those men who enjoy cooking. Each of these can all be found on the shelves in the stores next to the women’s magazines and through newspaper vendors.

There are magazines specifically geared for every kind of sport, especially fishing, auto racing and biking. There are also many magazines with topics that relate to men only and then there are the career magazines, mens cooking magazines and magazines for men who stay at home with the children. If it’s of interest or importance to men, there is no doubt a magazine that men will want to read.

Mens health and fitness or muscle magazines are extremely popular these days because men want to be able to take care of themselves but don’t like asking for help from a doctor or loved one. They will, perhaps, heed the advice from someone who has been where they are, someone who has written an article about their struggles and how they over came them. These types of advice filled pages will grab a man’s attention and help them reach their health goals.

Men’s only products are often featured in the advertisements of these types of magazines, just as women only merchandise will be featured in the pages of women’s publications. A lot of the time, when it comes to nearly all magazines, the ad revenue will be more than the sales. Companies with products and services to sell to men know where to put there advertising money and magazines are a good bet.

There are many niche market magazines for men such as lawn and tractor type magazines, boating and fishing, bowling, marketing, money, muscle and health and cooking for men. This is not to say that only men partake in these activities, but there are groups of men who only want advice from other men or want to read about other men when it comes to some of their favorite activities.

Mens travel magazine would be a good place to feature mens luggage or menswear ads. A Toronto mens magazine would be a good place to feature ads about places men like to hang out, a car dealer, vacation spots and possibly ads for jewelry, flowers or chocolate for the one they love. There are all different types of possibilities for advertising and articles that would match the ads.

For the most part, men like magazines because they offer quick, ‘bite-size’ pieces of information that is usually topical and can be of some help to them if they so choose to apply the advice. Writers could be assigned subjects that are relevant to the topics every man is talking about or has concerns for in today’s world. Things such as the economy, jobs, housing, raising good children, elderly parents and so much more are always on the table when men get together to talk.

Not every mens magazine will be loaded with scantily clad women. The majority of the magazines for men have well thought out, quality pieces of writing, advice, tips and things like what to do and what not to do in different situations. The magazines for men are not that much different then the magazines for women, they only seem different to women because there is so few quality ones that compare to a woman’s magazine in terms of content and quality verses barely dressed women and funny cartoons.

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