Surviving an MBA: The Untold Story

The IIMs produce roughly 5 per cent of the MBA population in the country. We select our students through the Combined Admissions Test (CAT) examination. For every 100 students who take the CAT exam, only one makes it to one of the IIMs. The CAT-scanned boys and girls represent a selection of excellence that is unparalleled in the world.

The popularity of the MBA programme comes from a very stiff entry barrier and multiple exit options in the form of job opportunities. This is unlike university courses where the entry barrier is not that high and job options are much less MBA課程.

It is only natural, then, that recruiters in industry pay a lot of attention to our students and consider them fit for lucrative jobs. Where else would recruiters find such tried and tested students with a very high degree of general intelligence?

Having started on a note of optimism, I wish to share with you the untold story of what actually happens once you get into the MBA programme. The views expressed here do not pertain to IIMs in particular, but to most good MBA schools in general.

Getting admission to the MBA programme is only part of the story. Being selected is just one function of your test-taking ability. It may not have much to do with your managerial ability. Your success in the jobs you get will depend not just on your quantitative and verbal skills that had helped you successfully crack the CAT.

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