How to Make a Six Figure Income

If you have been trying to find ways to make money online, you have most likely came across a lot of scams. There are so many scams out there, it is almost impossible to find a way how to make a large income from home. While affiliate marketing, eCommerce, and Multi Level Marketing can make you some money, unless you’ve had years of experience, your not likely to make much money.

Website flipping is becoming more popular everyday. Flipping has been responsible for making people six figures, and some people multi-millionaires. You don’t have to sign up for a single program and you don’t need tons of money to start. You could start with $5 if you wanted to f95zone. And another cool thing about website flipping is that you have control of how much money you make and how large your company grows.

You’re probably thinking, “website flipping sounds great, but what the heck is it?”

The basic idea of website flipping is purchasing or building a website, making the site better (adding content, design, marketing, etc.) to hopefully receive a gain in revenue, and then selling the website for profit godaddy email. Some website flippers flip sites in a few days to receive an immediate small amount of cash, and others flip their sites after many months or years for huge amounts of cash (sometimes even millions of dollars).

I’m looking for work. I have a couple small businesses of my own which I’ve been working on building. They’re coming along, profitable even, but just don’t pay the bills yet. Plus, we recently moved to California and living costs are a wee bit higher than they were in Kansas. So, I’m looking for a job and need to start soon.

Last Friday I applied for a Customer Service position at a company which I found on a job board. This morning (Monday) I received an email from them requesting me to fill out an online questionnaire. While excited that I’m getting responses to my job applications, I am suspicious of this company for a few reasons which I’ll detail below. As part of my research into the company, I noticed that this job is also posted on hundreds of other job boards across the US, all of which are identical down to the job title, wording and pay range).

Here’s what I learned. All of this is verifiable by anyone by going to the sites listed.

1. The link from their email to the questionnaire wasn’t a unique URL for me, just a link to: It has lots of questions about past customer service experience, “what would you do” questions, and asks for my contact info at the end. The next step, per the email, would be to have a background check done. This is where I’m most suspicious as they would need personal info to submit the background check (social security, birth date, etc).

2. Per scamadvisor, the site is only a couple months old. It’s also hiding the WhoIs data for company contact info (go to GoDaddy, click on “WhoIs Search” at the bottom and then enter gtsolutions). Hiding whois data is pretty common on a lot of small sites, including my own. But if this were a legitimate company, providing outsourced home based Customer Service Reps for businesses across America, I’m sure they would have a legitimate brick and mortar place of business to house the HR staff needed to manage all the employees, acquire new clients etc. If this were the case, why not provide the real information in the WhoIs record? Check the WhoIs record for any big business and they’ll have their information in there.

Building a website can be as cheap/expensive or easy/hard as you want it to be. Building a site requires some basic knowledge, but you don’t have to know HTML or coding to create a nice looking site. At first, you want to choose a topic the site will be on. Some profitable topics in our world today are money, health, beauty, fashion, and politics. Keep in mind, you don’t have to know a lot about your topic. Once you have a topic your site will be on, you want to start creating the site. You will need a domain name ( that has something to do with your topic, but is short. would be a horrible domain name. would be better. Most of the time, your preferred domain will be taken, so have some ideas in mind. You can buy a domain from for a few dollars each year. You will also need web hosting which you can buy from for $20 a year. Also, I would recommend installing WordPress (free) to create your website. It is free and very easy to use. All hosting accounts have instructions on how to install WordPress.

Once you have your site structured, you need content on your topic. If you know a lot about your topic, you can write your articles yourself. If you don’t know stuff about your topic or if you dont have time to write it, you can outsource it. People on can write articles for a few dollars. The more articles you have, the more money you will get for your site in the long run. Along with articles, you should install Google AdSense (free) on your site, and some affiliate products related to your topic. If you don’t know what affiliate products or AdSense are, look them up in Google. They are basically the ways your site will be making money.

Once you have your site made, you need to advertise the site to get traffic. The more content you have, the more traffic. The more traffic you have, the more your website will make. Try advertising your website on forums, articles, facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube, etc. Also, you could advertise your site in your city by posting fliers. Also, submit your website to Google. Getting your site submitted on Google takes years, but if you sell your site before its on Google, you can say that you’ve already submitted the site. For my company, we like to sell our websites after around 6 months. That gives us a few weeks to set up the site and start getting traffic, and then we have the 6 months to make money.

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