Internet Marketing for Newbies – Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Free Traffic

Lets take a look at some more complex – yet still very simple to scale up and out our CL campaigns on a national – or even international scope.

As with any sort of large marketing effort ,you are dealing in the law of large numbers – you want to Spectrum Email drive lots of traffic, have lots of eyeballs in front of what you selling – and fall back on the fact that if enough people are interested in the ad to begin with – click the link – or email you for more info – they are obviously pretty interested in finding a solution for whatever it is they are searching (and you are advertising) for. Some markets are better than others, but in general, any affiliate programs you can find online, you can certainly promote on Craigslist successfully.

You have a lot of possibilities here – from the standpoint of technique, tactics as well as your overall strategy. Lets take a closer look at a few possible approaches we might take for each – and the specific steps we will need to take to accomplish our goal of a successful, profitable affiliate campaign on Craigslist.

After a little bit of research, you decide that you want to promote a consumer foreclosure affiliate offer – as all of the nightly newsshows beat a daily, deafening drumbeat about the precarious mortgage market – and we know that a lot of sub prime loans were issued over the past 5 years – and people are defaulting on those loans in record numbers. We know this to be so because Anderson Cooper and Bill Orielly both said it was true – and those two guys havent’ agreed on anything since the O.J Simpson trial…:-) It’s a large and growing demographic, lots of desperate people, seems like a pretty good market to get our grubby little hands dirty with ( and of course be of service to the population we are serving ). We know, however about as much about prime interest rates and consumer foreclosure law as we do about Hindu Evolutionary Cosmology. Not to worry – we go over to Azoogle ads – or – and sign up ( we preferably did this a few days ago ) and do a search for offers related to Foreclosures – or even a little bit wider out – ( for a potential back end ) an equally as expanding and pressing current marketplace – credit cards for people who have pooped on their credit rating.

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