Business Email Etiquette

Ah, email. Since its invention, communication has greatly changed. We email our employers GoDaddy email login . We email our employees. We email our friends. We email our family. Perhaps we even email, after a few bottles of wine, our pets. Email has changed our lives and the future of email will likely even change it more. Soon, there may be no need to ever even speak.

While email is a great way to stay in touch with everyone, and a great way to assure those we love wellness, enormous fortune, and luck if they forward a chain letter within two hours, it is also the cornerstone of business. Businessmen and Businesswomen, especially when they are away from their office, may rely on email as their number one mode of communication.

Emailing for business comes with a certain etiquette that emailing on a personal level does not. When emailing friends and family, using terms such as “LOL,” sending forwards, and sending mass emails to everyone from your dentist to your third grade soccer coach are all okay. But, in business, these things aren’t very appropriate. Sending something unprofessional in a business email won’t leave your boss with the desire to write LOL when he replies.

Luckily, keeping emails professional is relatively easy. By just remembering a few tips, you will be able to hit “send” without worrying about an unwelcome end.

Be Careful of Sarcasm

The bad thing about email, other than the SPAM, is that it takes away nonverbal communication. The recipient isn’t able to hear the tone of your voice or see the smile on your face as you send them an email. For this reason, jokes and sarcasm may come across not as intended. You may send an email that is meant to lighten the mood or convey a little laughter, but it might not come across as funny; it might just come across as insulting. Keeping emails free of any sort of joking helps to make sure you aren’t misunderstood as being precarious when you are really trying just to be hilarious.

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