Picking the Right Windsurfing Holiday Company

Picking the right windsurfing holiday is more complicated than you would first think. Thousands of people go on holiday and try windsurfing but this is very different from going on a specialist windsurfing holiday.

This article will tell you about a lady called Vyky and her experience on windsurfing holidays December Global Holidays . She is from York and started windsurfing there on a reservoir. The water was way too cold for her! So a couple of years ago she was searching the net and found a few companies that cater for windsurf holidays. She decided to pick one of their destination to improve her windsurfing skills.

“That first windsurf holiday was absolutely brilliant, I went to the island of Lanzarote in the Canaries during the week of the World Cup. It was windy, sunny, the instructors were great and, oh my god, the pro windsurfers were so hot! Bless them! There I met a wonderful Spanish surfer with whom I got into a close relationship. What a great windsurf holiday!”

The second windsurfing holiday she took was in Safaga, Egypt. It was sunny, windy and the great conditions got her improving both the waterstarts and gibing. She did a bit of snorkelling and an introduction dive which was she thought was incredible. She even had a camel ride! The resort was great and chilled and the food was awesome. That was the second best windsurf holiday she ever had.

A couple of months after Vyky went back to her boring job selling elevator parts, she was still buzzing from this windsurf holiday. Her friend who wasn’t really into windsurfing but wanted to go to Egypt suggested they go on holiday together. Her friend did all the organising and simply told Vyky to relax and concentrate on work whilst she designed the itinerary. Two months later they went on holiday and this was the result:

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