Magazine Charity: Recycling Your Old Magazines

If you want to start your own charity, you do not have to be a millionaire – or even have expendable income. All you need is some magazines and a desire to do good for others.

Most of us have a favorite magazine, or even several, that we subscribe to for recreational reading or to keep track of the news or things going on in the business world Elisa Gayle Ritter. When we finish reading them, some of us want to be able to recycle the paper, but many kinds of colored paper are not very suitable for typical recycling programs. Newsprint – the paper newspapers are made out of – is much easier to incorporate into environmentally friendly recycling programs.

But you can recycle in a different way, by passing your magazines along to another reader. It works in the same way that hand-me-down clothing works, except that magazines usually are more fun to receive, especially if you pass them along quickly while they are still current. Buy or subscribe to your magazines, keep them for a while and read them, and then pass them on to a neighbor.

One good way to distribute our leftover reading material is to take the magazines and give them to a doctor’s office, a fire station, or other places where magazines are welcome. For instance, if you give your magazines to the fire station, then the people who spend long hours there waiting for emergency calls will have plenty of free reading material. Or you can box them up and ship them to a soldier stationed overseas, give them to a college student, or even donate them to a local library or school.

Before giving away you old magazines, it is a good idea to use a marker pen to delete the subscriber info, for security purposes. And be sure to keep your magazines in good shape, rather than using them for coffee cup coasters or other purposes that will mark or stain them. Of course you may come across issues of magazines and decide to keep them, which is fine. Just box the ones you want to give away in one spot, and each month you can take the recycle box to your favorite charity.

Wedding magazines are a great way to get ideas for wedding favors and decorations. However, you may have to thumb through hundreds of pictures before you find a single article. The good news is that some of the best ideas come from the pictures themselves rather than the handful of articles you may find.

Wedding magazines are also good when you are looking for a gown. But before you run out and order that $2000 Vera Wang, make sure it is right for your body style. And remember that these magazines are created to persuade you to spend more money, as the sumptuous affairs depicted in glossy photo spreads just aren’t realistic for most people.

Most of today’s wedding magazines are reasonably priced thanks to targeted circulation and advertising. This may comes as a surprise, but most of the photo spreads in wedding magazines are purchased by the photographer or require advertising in the magazine. Therefore don’t assume that the gowns on display were chosen by any objective criteria.

If you are looking to subscribe to several magazines leading up to your ceremony, don’t get out your credit card yet. Many also offer gift subscription options, which makes it easy to drop a hint with your maid of honor or bridesmaids. And you may find friends who can lend or donate some recent issues which by now are weighing down their coffee table or magazine stand.

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