Make Money Blogging – Reasons Why Leaving Spam Comments Is Not The Way To Promote Your Blog

There are basically three words that can describe spam accurately: desperate, unscrupulous, evil. While that may sound like the resume of some soap opera villain, it rings true for every one of us who have ever been burned by spam. Spam is an example of why sometimes, the means does not justify the end.

True, the aim is to build buzz for your blog but the technique used is just plain wrong If you’re planning on leaving spam comments on other websites any time soon, know that it’s not the way to promote your blog. On the contradictory side, you might even do damage to your blog without knowing it.

Spam comments started sprouting their evil seed when online guest books began popping up on websites. Unprincipled site owners and marketers barraged these guest books with links (many even used purely links) back to the spammers’ websites. If any comment is included at all, it may contain highly generic ones such as ‘cool post’ or ‘great website’ or ‘nice page’.

Spam appears in just about anything these days, including blogs, often in the form of a comment. How this is done is quite simple. Any blogger who wishes to promote his blog can simply write down keyword-heavy texts in the guise of a comment and then post it at random on another blog or website. Sites that allow hyperlinks to be displayed are usually the prime targets.

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