7 Ways to Promote Your Site or Blog Using Google Wave

Professional Bloggers advises people to go for latest way for marketing their site. Its because Search Engine algorithms are so complex and it is being changed frequently. For e.g, 10 years back, being #1 in search engine ranking is all about making a door page.(i.e, a webpage filled with all the keyword).

In addition, if you are good in all the html stuffs, you could be #1 in Search engine ranking within 2 days at those days. But thinks have been changed now mywebmagazine.co.uk . The competition grown, more people blogs about same niche. Only hard work make people successful and there is NO shortcuts other than to find new ways to market your website. That’s why experts prefer for that. At first, most of the people think that Twitter will be really a WASTE OF TIME, but most of the good website have their official twitter account now. It is just an example for going for new methods in web marketing and it really really works.

If you are new in website creation, I really really prefer you to use Google Wave for your website promotion as what I am doing. You just search what are the public Waves rocks around the web. Be part in it. Find the public Wave which will be really helpful for you and find those same as your niche of your site. You can make link, include participants and so on. Still not sure What Google Wave is? Look below.

‘Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.’ from The Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Zhanna lives in the shadows. Once upon a time, she lived in the shadow of a huge power station that had been celebrated as the answer to everything. When it opened the mayor came, the newsmen came, the cameras came. People wore their best clothes, there had been a red ribbon to cut and speeches to be made. It had been a glorious day.

The power station dominated Zhanna’s life. Her Father worked there, her Mother took his lunch to the Plant every day and washed his overalls when he came home. Zhanna’s younger brothers and sister used to play in the river that ran near the power station. Chernobyl was a happy place. A place of energy and progress. The only home Zhanna and her family had ever known.

You know the rest. One day the power station melted and became a monster. The newswires come to life while men died to stop the monster from belching death and misery into the air and into the water. Zhanna and her family fled.

So Zhanna has lived in the shadows ever since. She does not trust the air she breathes or the water that flows from her tap. Some years later, the newswires buzz again:

‘Ten years after the world’s worst commercial nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, officials and environmentalists are still struggling to eradicate the effects. Plutonium and other dangerous radioactive particles released during the accident have been working their way into the groundwater in the wetlands of northern Ukraine, and have now found their way to the region’s major waterways.’ US Water News Online, 1996

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