Should You Blog?

Setting a blog up though is the easy part. Then you have to look after it. I updated my blog once a week, but many blogging experts would tell me that’s not enough. Ideally, you should be updating your blog three to four times as week. Granted your blogs don’t have to be long, but it’s still a time-consuming activity in your busy world.

And then there’s the problem of what to write about Sherry dyson . I tend to get inspiration by talking to my clients and contacts and writing about something they’ve said that has interested me, but I have to admit that sometimes I sit there and think what should I write about this week? Having said that, if you write a newsletter or articles, there is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t post this on there. I also express my opinion about various things in the news or things that have annoyed me – being careful of course, not to betray confidentiality or give away any names!

The other consideration is whether you will get business from your blog. Well, you can certainly monitor whether or not it’s being read and where people have found out about your blog. But whether you’ll get business from it is another matter – what it does do is build your credibility as an expert within your field and give people an idea of what you’d be like to work with. People may very well decide to use your company as a result of seeing your blog – but don’t expect instant results.

Finally, you’ll also have to think about promoting your blog to make sure people actually see it – the blog will automatically be sent to search engines like Google, but often that’s not enough (as there are thousands of blogs out there). So, many people choose other ways to promote and tell people about their blog like adding their blog to their website and email signature and business cards to name, but a few.

So, should you blog? You should certainly consider it if you like writing and expressing your opinions and realize that a blog will help you establish your credibility rather than give you immediate customers. You also need to put it into your diary to update it on a regular basis so that you don’t forget – there’s nothing worse than a blog that has been set up 3 months ago and not updated since.

If, on the other hand, you hate writing; have no time to spare; and are not sure what to write about, I would say blogging is probably not for you and you should have a think about other methods to promote your business. Blogging should definitely be used in combination with other marketing methods and not in isolation.

You have probably heard that successful blogs contain great content, but I doubt anyone has told you that flourishing blogs have great titles. There are two audiences you have to consider when writing your blog post title. It would be great if all you had to worry about was your loyal readers but you can’t forget about google, yahoo and other search engine sites. These sources are just as important because they help you acquire more loyal readers. Here is a list of certain ways to tweak your titles making your blog search engine and reader friendly.

Interest Readers

This is pretty obvious, but if you want visitors to read then you have to be witty and inspiring. Ways to do this could be by asking questions or giving advice, just make sure you answer the question or provide advice inside the body, otherwise your title is misleading and you can build a bad reputation with unhappy clickers.

Use Google Keywords in your title

If you have any experience with search engine optimization then this should be easier for you. The hard part is creating an interesting title using Google friendly keywords. It is important to remember not to use too many words because your title needs to remain enticing to the reader. An example of a way to make your title more Google friendly is the title: Seven Horrible Ways To Ruin a Blog. People tend to search for positive messages instead of negative ones when searching the internet. A better title would be, Seven Ways to Help You Fix a Ruined Blog. This title adds two positives (help/fix) and takes away from the previous title’s negative tone.

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