3 Free Marketing Methods To Generate Quality MLM Leads

One of the challenges in network marketing is having enough good prospects looking at your business each day. What we call our warm market, those people we know and come in contact with, can be one of the most effective ways to grow a business. However, many networkers, especially those new to the industry are unwilling to make a list of friends and neighbors to approach like backpage.

There are a number of companies that generate MLM leads and sell them to networkers. I have found lead quality to be an issue with most purchased leads. Disappointing results can come from purchased leads being overused, older than expected, or prospects who are not even interested in network marketing. Furthermore, for networkers on a limited budget, buying leads may not even be an option, even if they can find a reliable source.

We have had far better success training our team to generate their own quality MLM leads. New networkers do not have the time or money to experiment. We teach proven methods that are quick and easy to implement. Here are three free marketing methods you can use to generate a steady flow of top-notch MLM leads.

Free Online Classified Advertising. While there are a large number of Internet websites offering free classifieds, I have had consistent results with two, Craigslist and Backpage. They are fairly similar, and provide a large number of categories for ads in a large number of cities. Both require ads to be of proper content and placed in the appropriate category.

Article Marketing. This has proven to be one of my favorite and most effective marketing strategies. You write informative articles on topics that you are considered an expert on, and then submit them to article directories. Each article includes a resource box which has links to your website or blog. It’s a great way to generate excellent MLM leads.

Video Marketing. You can make your own videos with a webcam or simple video camera. You can even brand a video with your web address or phone number. Then you submit your video to video sharing sites such as YouTube. YouTube is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sites on the Internet. Video is a great way to establish a relationship with prospects and drive traffic to your website.

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